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Off the beaten path guide toย Vienna's restaurants, bars and sights

Top curated places to visit in Vienna with locally favourite recommendations

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Off the beaten path guide to Vienna

Vienna is famous for its exquisite standards, supported by the calm yet elegant lifestyle. Its rich musical history makes the city quite a pilgrimage point for classical music worshippers; It is truly Austriaโ€™s artistic, cultural, economic and political center in every sense.
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Curated places to see

Schönbrunn Palace — Historical summer palace with lavish rooms and large gardens 
๐ŸŽถ Vienna State Opera
— Opera house featuring shows by the Wien Philharmonic  
St Stephen’s Cathedral
— Historical marriage venue of Mozart with rooftop views 
๐Ÿฆ‹ Schmetterlinghaus — Butterfly park inside a greenhouse with tropical atmosphere
Danube Tower
— Tallest building with a revolving restaurant and views over the city 

Curated Boutique Hotels to stay in

Hotel Kรคrntnerhof โ€” Vienna's smallest grand hotel offering rooms with views over St Stephen's Cathedral

Unique restaurants

$ Hofzuckerbäcker Demel — Famous pastry shop serving brunch options and desserts
$ Dstrikt — Steakhouse serving food with fresh and locally sourced organic ingredients
Mochi — Small and cosy Japanese restaurant serving fresh sushi in an outdoor terrace 
๐Ÿ– Yori — Popular Korean restaurant serving Bibimbap, Bulgogi and BBQ dishes
๐Ÿจ Eis-Greissler and Zanoni & Zanoni — Best ice cream shops in Vienna 
Kantine and Kent — Top quality kebab, shawarma and döner places in Vienna 
Cafe Museum and Café Rüdigerhof  — Traditional Wien cafes serving cakes & pastries 
Die Wäscherei — Laundromat turned into a brunch cafe with outdoir seating 
$ Zweitbester — Burger bar serving quality Viennese food with an industrial vibe 

Watch out!

All stores are shut on Sundays

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Bars, Nightlife and Parties!

๐ŸŽฅ Schikaneder — Indie cinema and bar serving โ€˜cocktails with a plotโ€™ followed by live DJ sets        
๐Ÿบ Bieriger — Austrian outdoor beer garden serving food with great atmosphere and service 
Celeste — Hipster friendly nightclub with late night sessions and a guest courtyard  
Das Werk — A real underground techno club in Vienna with a good line of DJs
Rhiz — Modern bar playing glocal live DJs, bands and musicians with an upbeat atmosphere 
Tunnel Vienna — Cafe-like venue with an outdoor area known for its comedy and jazz nights
Weberknecht — Underground night club playing electronic tunes in an alternative surrounding
WerkzeugH — Hipster dive bar with eclectic furniture perfect for after work drinks in Vienna
Arena — Industrial type open air venue for local concerts, gigs and summertime cinema
Chelsea — Sports bar and night club with the perfect atmosphere on the day of a football match 
Flex — Famous underground techno club near a canal with an outdoor area in Vienna
Fluc und Fluc Wanne — Alternative dive bar and concert space for raves
Pratersauna — Nightclub with an open pool in a nice garden offering a playground for adults 
Wuk — Workshop and cultural centre hosting artists and their art; be it music or visuals

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Road trip ahead

Krems — Historic city with medieval chapels famous for its wine
Baden bei Wien — Historic town filled with beautiful buildings, parks and thermal waters
St Pölten — Classy city filled with interesting museums and surrounded by lakes
Bratislava — Pleasant medieval city with narrow winding streets on the river Danube
Graz — Urban city featuring spectacular architecture with a warm climate
Salzburg — Picturesque city with baroque architecture and a well-preserved city centre
Sopron — Nearby town in Hungary with historical and cultural sights

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