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19 unique restaurants in Berlin - that are not mainstream at all ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช


What makes a restaurant unique at twys?

Berlin feeds its inhabitants through its many bakeries, cafes, kebab shops, restaurants, spรคtis and noodle-box style takeaways across every StraรŸe of the city. With all these options, where can you find that place with a better menu? Places offering a slight unique-twist to the standard ingredients or even the ambiance that might set them a class apart? Or maybe just a place that indulges itself in the local scene and does not charge exuberant tourist prices?

Letโ€™s look at Berlinโ€™s restaurant scene for instance; thereโ€™s plenty Asian restaurants serving Thai, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine but (in my humble opinion) the food is primarily influenced by the Vietnamese kitchen. Thus, its common to find a similar menu of noodles and curries across most Asian restaurants in Berlin regardless of the cuisine they aimed to promote, and promise. Itโ€™s not rare to walk into a Japanese restaurant only to find it serve Sushi and other curry dishes. Where is the Katsu, or Teriyaki? Well, one such rare find in Berlin is Ushido in Prenzlauer Berg offering ๐Ÿฑ Japanese style BBQ with Angus and Wagyu beef. Thereโ€™s Dudu on TorstraรŸe serving great ๐Ÿฃ Sushi! And Transit in Rosenthaler Platz serving Asian tapas-style in a chic cafรฉ atmosphere. You could also head over to Mitte to grab some ๐Ÿœ Japanese Ramen at Cocolo or simply spice up your taste buds at Kimchi Princess in Kreuzberg. Another sub-cuisine on the rise in Berlin is an interesting fusion of the Asian-kitchen and Cheeseburgers. Shiso Burger on Rosenthaler does this fusion right with its dishes like the ๐Ÿ” Chilli Lemon Wagyu Cheeseburger. Not forgetting the Chinese restaurant โ€˜Good Friendsโ€™ in Charlottenburg and Shanghai-style dumplings near in Prenzlauer Berg called Yumcha Heroes. Heaven.

Berlin being a city with Turkish influence allows it to experiment its night-time favourite grub; dรถner kebab. Nowadays thereโ€™s a shop on every corner serving kebabs, gemรผse kebabs or the (slightly better) Arabic alternate of Shawarma. The average tourist knows of these kebabs as a great late night snack. But then youโ€™re missing out on the more classy and ambient side of Oriental cuisine. Osmanโ€™s Tรถchter near Eberswalder does Turkish cuisine right with an exclusive atmosphere and quality. Another lesser known Turkish dish is Manti; it consists of a rindfleish dumplings with yogurt & spices and can be found on Wednesdays at Orient Eck at Kottbusser Tor.

The Indian food scene in Berlin is often thought to be not quite authentic by locals visiting from the Indian subcontinent. I mean thereโ€™s more than curry to the Indian cuisine. Truth be told, thereโ€™s nothing really Indian about the Indian curry as itโ€™s known in the west. A small taste of originality can be found at Chutnify in Prenzlauer Berg for an authentic Indian restaurant experience in Berlin that also serves street food from Mumbai with /chaat/ items like Pani Puri and Dosas.

Then thereโ€™s Italian cuisine in Berlin where its common to find pizzas, pastas, kebabs and salads within one roof. Rise above these average restaurants to get check out more cool and upbeat Italian restaurants; such as Trentasei in Kreuzberg serving thin traditional pizzas. Vino & Basilico with its reputable hospitality and pastas, you might even get some free aperitifs.

Not to forget German cuisine, try out the schnitzel or kase spรคtzle at the cool Max und Moritz in Kreuzberg. Or if you prefer, the Austrian schnitzels at Jolesch.

Maybe you would fancy a Georgian delicacy called Khachapuri at Schwiliko? Or an authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue at Schwarze Heidi in a ski cottage atmosphere? Just a last shout out to Katz Orange for its innovative dishes like the Pulled Pork Ribs and The House of Small Wonder for being the sweetest hangover friendly brunch cafe in Berlin

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