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Prague is a land of opportunities for those that dare to wander ๐Ÿ•ด๐Ÿฝ

A lot of us know that Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is an almost magical place with an ancient historical background and an interesting cultural scene. Recently, Prague is becoming a city with a growing population of expats flocking in and a vibrant startup environment bubbling up. This has resulted in more events, get-togethers and meetups related to networking and socializing happening, for the benefit of the many entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals in the city. At ImpromptMe, we are extremely happy to see this happening in Prague since our main goal is to get more people like YOU, to get out there and meet others in person! So, along with TheWorldYouSee, we thought we would put together a hot list of meetups happening in July in Prague so you can join if youโ€™re around!

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Below is a healthy (and awesome) mix of meetups for your human interaction needs

Prague International Networking This event is fantastic if you want to meet other professionals in a relaxed setting while you have a drink or two. It happens every week on Wednesdays and the organizer, Enrico, is always happy to welcome anyone with open arms! Donโ€™t be surprised if you meet people who want to help you further your ideas or share insights; the community is great and varied so youโ€™re bound to meet at least a few good contacts and friends. Plus, pictures are constantly taken and posted on their Facebook group, so you will be able to look back on fun memories and build valuable relationships with people you will meet again and again.

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โ€œHump Dayโ€ (Wednesday) Pub night If you are a location-independent professional, working remotely, freelancing or a digital nomad, this meetup is for you. It happens once a month on the first Wednesday of the month. It is organized by Locus Workspace, a local co-working space, usually in a nice pub near the centre of Prague. It is a great opportunity to get to know others who do what you do in a nice atmosphere whilst having a beer! Also, they host different kinds of events that encourage the community to have fun as well as get to know each other; some of these include game nights and poker tournaments! So donโ€™t hesitate and meet other interesting people that share your passions or at least understand what it means to be self-employed!

Public Speakers, Coaches and Trainers Club If you want to improve your public speaking skills or simply have conversations regarding what youโ€™re doing at the moment and how to be better, this monthly meetup might be the right fit! The people that attend are all about becoming empowered and taking charge of your life and the support that you will receive is amazing. Whether you just want to have a chat about your goals and how to put them into action or you want to make some connections that can give you insight on how to move forward in your own way, buckle up and join this meetup!

Prague Business Efficiency Meetup This meetup happens 2 to 3 times a month and is hosted by an amazing and seasoned business professional. It is dedicated to people involved in the startup world, as well as experienced entrepreneurs that want to share knowledge and discuss how to become better and more efficient in all aspects of their life. Usually there are only 8 spots available per meetup so you have to hurry up and snatch one in time! If youโ€™re looking to become more lean in the way you practice business, this is one meetup to look out for.

Social Events for English speakers:

English Speakers in Prague! This english speakers meetup is like no other! If you want to practice your english or just make some new friends, this is the place to do so. Meetups happen every week on Thursday evenings and the locations are very nice. During winter (or rainy days) they take place at Nubeerbar, a nice craft beer pub with all kinds of brews, and during the summer usually at a beer garden in Prague 2. People that show up are very chatty and you will feel welcomed from the moment that these words come out of your mouth: โ€œIs this the english speakers meetup?โ€

Velvet Comedy Show at Czech Inn Bar Jokes aside, this meetup is golden. Every tuesday night, english speaking comedians from all backgrounds and nationalities gather at the Czech Inn Bar in Prague 2 to share their funny stories and great punchlines with a crowd of upbeat people. The bar is underground and gives off a curious feel of intimacy, with dimly lit lights, a stage and people close to each other ready to enjoy the show. Whether you show up with friends or on your own, you are bound to meet some interesting characters and everyone is very friendly so donโ€™t hesitate to approach the comedians after the show and grab a drink with them!

Couchsurfing Weekly Thursday International Meetup This event happens every thursday and is hosted by two amazing people, Daria and Boris, who will welcome you while wearing Couch Surfing t-shirts! You will need to create an account on Couchsurfing but it is worth it to have access to this. The group that comes together in this event is very international and characterized by travelers. You will meet people who have just landed in Prague that day and others who are leaving the next morning. Even though you might not see many of the people you meet there again (since they are moving around the globe), you are bound to have an excellent time sharing your stories with others and listening to their crazy travel tales!

The meetups listed here are some of the best ones we have found in Prague but reach out if you know of any good ones you have attended!

Group meetups always give you a chance to meet a bunch of new people at the same time but if you are more of a one-to-one kind of person, or you just like meeting new people constantly, download the ImpromptMe app (available in IOS and Android)! It is an up and coming community of people in Prague who want to meet for networking, socializing and collaborating. Meetups are arranged in a few taps and thereโ€™s no chatting involved, only meeting in-person! Take a chance and put yourself out there because people are really all the you need to achieve anything.

Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below and have a great time meeting!

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