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9 places to get fresh & delicious burgers in Berlin ๐Ÿ” 


Love for Cheeseburgersโ€™ in todayโ€™s age is quite universal. Luckily, Berlin has some nice spots that wonโ€™t disappoint when all you want is a freshly prepared cheeseburger (with bacon perhaps). And did I also mention that Berlin also surpasses all expectations when it comes to Vegan burgers? Read on below.

@kira_loves_food Burgermeister

// Burger Meisterโ€ฏ
// Skalitzer Str. 136, 10999 Berlin
// 030 23883840

Serving up fresh cheeseburgers across two locations in Kreuzberg. Head over to Kottbuser Tor for a more relaxed sitting environment and you simply canโ€™t go wrong with the burgers they offer. Even the buns have a crunchy taste to them and itโ€™s never too big to finish! So why not grab some extra chili cheese fries to go along with?


@mira_bellina__ TheBird

// The Birdโ€ฏ
// Am Falkpl. 5, 10437 Berlin
// 030 51053283

Friendly American diner restaurant known for its daily-freshly minced meat and steaks. Itโ€™s always a fun environment here and quite affordable for their portions and quality too!


@flooorrriii shisoburger

// Shiso Burgerโ€ฏ
// AuguststraรŸe 29C, 10119 Berlin
// 030 88944687

Berlinโ€™s unique Japanese take on the cheeseburger menu. Shiso offers a variety of tangy flavors along with the standard cheeseburger options, but whatโ€™s really special here is the Wagyu beef. Super premium, melt in the mouth cheeseburgers just for . You get the idea.โ€ฏ



// Frittiersalonโ€ฏ
// Boxhagener Str. 104, 10245 Berlin
// 030 25933906

It's more of a 'come for the burger, stay for the fries' kind of place. But not just any fries ๐ŸŸ we're talking legit Canadian poutine fries here with gravy and cheese. The place also has a great ambience with good music.โ€ฏ


@pirischicken Pirischicken

// Pirisโ€ฏ
// Wiener StraรŸe 31, 10999 Berlin
// 030 33849120

Think of a zinger burger at KFC, take everything good about it and now imagine it to be more intense. More flavour, crispiness, crunchier buns with tongue smacking sauces. That's what you get at Piris. Bonus points for getting their Hip Hop reference in the menu.


@sonkitchen sonkitchen

// Son Kitchenโ€ฏ
// KantstraรŸe 46, 10625 Berlin
// 030 22474444

A tiny little place for a quick Korean snack. They offer perfect fusion foods like the kimchi taco. But donโ€™t forget, youโ€™re here for their declious Korean style burgers. But of course their bimbimbap dishes are quite on point too. If the sitting areas are busy, why not walk down 100m to Savignyplatz and enjoy a more peaceful meal?


@adris_favourites DistrictMot

// District Motโ€ฏ
// Rosenthaler Str. 62, 10119 Berlin
// 030 20089284

Chic Asian restaurant located on Rosenthaler Strasse serving trendy Vietnamese fusion dishes like the Bao Burger. Make sure to try it with the award winning โ€˜De La Sauce.โ€™ The street food concept is also quite visible in this place from the hipster vibe. But why not enjoy a cocktail or two while youโ€™re here.โ€ฏ


@Kumpelkeule KumpelundKeule

// Kumple und Keule Metzgerhandwerk
// Skalitzer Str. 97, 10997 Berlin

Whatโ€™s more fresh than getting your cheeseburger straight from a butcher shop? You can expect tender meats with great taste at reasonable prices at this place. If youโ€™re willing to be adventurous, make sure to try out the Wild Boar Burger with Bacon. They also do bun-less burgers, so youโ€™re guaranteed an overall taste explosion for the taste buds.


@berlin.minute TheBird

// Big Sur
// GraefestraรŸe 11, 10967 Berlin
// 030 89405555

Chilled restaurant, brunch cafe and lounge by the night. The Veggie burgers here are out of the world. But the Patsy Cline cheeseburger with truffle mayo is definitely a show stopper. Enjoy great cocktails and expect amazing service for the staff here. This place has got it!

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