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7 places to get the perfect slice of pizza in Berlin ๐Ÿ• 


Pizza. Even when its bad, itโ€™s pretty damn good! Hereโ€™s some of our top favourite pizzerias in Berlin that definitely have an authentic taste.


// salami social club
// Frankfurter Allee 43, 10247 Berlin

If youโ€™re around Friedrichshain and craving traditional pizzas but with adventurous flavours, simply visit the salami social club near Samariter Strasse U5! The most popular pizza here would definitely be the spicy salami thatโ€™s cooked to perfection with fresh italian ingredients and then drizzled down with pesto. Theyโ€™re also known to be generous with supplying the local area with โ‚ฌ1 pizza deals every Thursday along with serving a great selection of craft beers.


// pomodorinoโ€Ž
// StraรŸmannstraรŸe 21, 10249 Berlin
// 030 60930449

Friendly neighbourhood pizzeria operating at extremely efficient speeds with a wide range of pizzas by the slice; from buffalo mozzarella to gorgonzola walnuts and in the other end from spicy salami to vegan olives, capers and oregano. Now that your mouths are watering and you have at least found a certain favourite, you might also be delighted to hear about the delicious tiramisu and the occasional lasagne that they offer. Just ask at the counter!


// villa di wow
// Ohlauer Str. 30, 10999 Berlin

Small pizza shack hidden within Kreuzberg scene and one of the few places that serve proper American pepperoni pizzas made with succulent pizza dough and a saucy top. You can get pizzas by the slice or entire pizzas for affordable prices. Also, try their vegan pizzas out!


// trattoria libau
// Libauer Str. 10, 10245 Berlin
// 030 25768529

Italian restaurant located around the corner from Warschauer Strasse serving oven fresh thin and crispy pizzas with vegetarian options like truffle oil and buffalo mozzarella.โ€ฏ


// trentasei
// Skalitzer Str. 34, 10997 Berlin
// 030 69506930

Italian restaurant near Gรถrlitzer Park offering great lunch deals on freshly baked calzones, pizzas and other main dishes if you insist on not having pizza. They also do unique varieties of pizza like pear and gorgonzola. The price is fair for what you get and the location is perfect to experience the alternative Berlinerโ€™s Kreuzberg nightlife.


// pizzeria โ€” fratelli la bionda
// BergmannstraรŸe 31, 10961 Berlin
// 030 63901770

Just a pizzeria thatโ€™s independent of the mainstream while serving traditional Italian pizzas in Kreuzberg. The tables outside provide a comfortable and cosy spot for lunch on those warm afternoons. The restaurant lights also have a warm glow towards the evening with great ambience for pizza and wine.


// standard serious pizza
// Templiner Str. 7, 10119 Berlin

Standard offers some of the juiciest, thick and chewy pizzas in Berlin. The service is quite on point and the staff also maintain a friendly environment. They know how to make perfect Neapolitan pizzas that would even please an Italian! Also, give their craft beers a try.โ€ฏ

Why not also try the German version of pizzas, die flammkรผchenโ€ฏ